xUnit Terminologies

CUT: Class Under Test
OUT: Object Under Test
MUT: Method Under Test
SUT: System Under Test
AUT: Application Under Test
DOC: Depended-on Component

indirect output: also known as "outgoing interface"

endoscopic testing (or endo testing)describes the use of Mock Objects (page X) to facilitate testing of the behavior of an object by monitoring its behavior while it is executing.

Unit testing is a fundamental practice in Extreme Programming, but most non-trivial code is difficult to test in isolation. It is hard to avoid writing test suites that are complex, incomplete, and difficult to maintain and interpret. Using Mock Objects for unit testing improves both domain code and test suites. They allow unit tests to be written for everything, simplify test structure, and avoid polluting domain code with testing infrastructure.

See http://www.connextra.com/aboutUs/mockobjects.pdf.

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