xUnit Patterns

Mock Object How do we implement Behavior Verification for indirect outputs of the SUT? How can we verify logic independently when it depends on indirect inputs from other software components? Replace an object the system under test (SUT) depends on with a test-specific object that verifies it is being used correctly by the SUT.

First, we define a Mock Object that implements the same interface as an object on which the SUT depends. Then, during the test, we configure the Mock Object with the values with which it should respond to the SUT and the method calls (complete with expected arguments) to expect from the SUT. Before exercising the SUT, we install the Mock Object so that the SUT uses it instead of the real implementation. When called during SUT execution, the Mock Object compares the actual arguments received with the expected arguments using Equality Assertions and fails the test if they don't match. The test need not do any assertions at all!

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