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Thank you for following me.  Hope that you find it useful.
Thank you for following me.  Looking forward to sharing ideas.  Have a great day.
Thank you for following me.  We should also connect on ...  (include direct link to your profile page on ...)
Thank you for the follow!  Please RT news stories that you find important to others
Welcome! I trust you will be inspired and motivated by my tweets and by visiting my 
inspirational blog  . Blessings to you and yours!

Yes this is automated because I got tired of missing out on conversations and future relationships. 
From here on out if you choose to connect I will connect directly.  My name is Sean Wyman, I am the host 
of the Success Movement Radio Show, an International Internet Radio Show that has heard 
all over the world.  My passion is working with new coaches, speakers, and homebased business 
owners looking to take their current brand to the next level by getting international exposure.
It is great to connect with you. Thank you for the follow and I assure you I will follow you back. 
Look forward to exploring ways we can work and support each other if it is mutually beneficial. 
Looking for a safe place to meet people that are open to collaborating and networking with like minded people?
I have an awesome community on Facebook called the Welcome to the Movment Community. 
You can join here: … -via @crowdfire

Hi khaitdoan, thanks for following me. Feel free to check out my posts and content on 
Linkedin too: 

Grateful for your presence @... Enjoy the garden of your life.
Hey @... I'm psyched to have awesome people like you following me :)

Using DM to make a sale is discourage, but as a way to give away something free may be acceptable.

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