Twitter - Dead applications


What is the purpose of Objective Marketer?

  1. Objective Marketer. I repeat my tweets and to frame pages for tweeting.

What is the purpose of Twubble?

  1. Twubble recommends people to follow by spidering the people you’re already following and recommending users that they’re following. The idea is that the people you’re following are interesting to you, so if more than one of them are also following another person, that person might also be interesting. Of course, that means that Twubble can’t be your first stop when finding people to follow — you already need to be following some people for the service to work.

What is the purpose of Twollow?

  1. - seem to be offline. Lets you auto-follow people on Twitter by letting you choose up to five keywords. Every time someone tweets using one of those five keywords, you auto-follow them. And don’t worry, they have a “Maximum to follow per update” option, so you’re not following the whole Twitter community by the end of the week.

What is the purpose of Twitterel?

  1. Twitterel is a great way to find Twitter users with the same interests as you and is very easy to use. To get started you’ll need to enter your Twitter username and password. Once you do that, you can enter keywords based on your interests in order to start finding people. You can even give them your email so that you will be updated whenever there might be someone new that interests you. What’s great about Twitterel is that you can follow people that you find right from their site, without having to open up a new page to go to Twitter to follow them. Twitterel attempts to find people you might be interested in following by doing keyword searches of tweets. The service can update you by email, direct message, or @reply when it finds new people it thinks you might be interested in following. It’s kind of like Google Alerts for Twitter follow recommendations.

What is the purpose of TwitDir?

  1. TwitDir can help you locate some of the top Twitterers, in the following categories: the Top 100 Followed (looks like Jason beat Scoble - bribes do work!), the Top 100 updaters, the Top 100 favoriters, and the Top 100 followers. Want to get on one of these lists, the new "tops" section shows you what numbers you would have to beat to get there.

What is the purpose of TweepSearch?

  1. TweepSearch allows Twitter users to search the bios of other Twitters, to identify people with similar interests. This is a good way to streamline your friend-making capabilities on Twitter by searching for people with similar jobs, like the same sports as you, or have the same hobbies.

What is the purpose of Just Tweet It?

  1. Just Tweet It is another user created Twitter directory. It’s not quite as well organized or easy-to-use as Twellow or WeFollow, but it is certainly large enough that you should give it a browse when trying to locate people in your interest areas to follow.
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