Solr Performance

How to make indexing faster

Fields that should be search on are copied to a special field named 'text' (the defaultSearchField). If your query does not specify a default search field, Solr search on 'text'.

Some fields do not need to be stored.

Set stored="false" on fields (esp large fields) if you do not need to return the field to the user (you only need to search on the field but don't need to return the original value)

Set indexed="false" if you don't need to search on the field, but only return the field as a result of searching on other indexed fields.

Remove all unneeded copyField statements

For best index size and searching performance, set "index" to false for all general text fields, use copyField to copy them to the catchall "text" field, and use that for searching.

For maximum indexing performance, use the StreamingUpdateSolrServer java client.

Remember to run the JVM in server mode, and use a higher logging level that avoids logging every request

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