Solr Miscellaneous

Indexing is the process of taking input (in this case blog entries, keywords, and other metadata) and passing them to Solr to index through HTTP Post XML messages. You can pass four different indexing requests to the Solr indexing servlet:

  • add/update allows you to add or update a document to Solr. Additions and updates are not available for searching until a commit takes place.
  • commit tells Solr that all changes made since the last commit should be made available for searching.
  • optimize restructures Lucene's files to improve performance for searching. Optimization is generally good to do when indexing has completed. If there are frequent updates, you should schedule optimization for low-usage times. An index does not need to be optimized to work properly. Optimization can be a time-consuming process.
  • delete can be specified by id or by query. Delete by id deletes the document with the specified id; delete by query deletes all documents returned by a query.

Search smarter with Apache Solr, Part 1

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