Solar - Unanswered


  1. Who are you representing? Are you a non-profit organization? Are you a government entity?
  2. What is the average out-of-pocket cost that I have to pay for a 10kw solar panel including micro-inverters, frames, and labor cost without government subsidies? How much of this is material cost? How much of this is labor cost? How much of this is permit cost?
  3. Should I buy or should I lease? I have seen some online advertisement that leasing is bad. Can you explain why some people are saying that leasing is bad? Does the location where I live play a role in this if I live in another state for example?
  4. I see that people talk about x dollars per watt. Please explain what that mean in term of the above number.
  5. Is there a minimum dollar amount on your utility bill in order to qualify for the federal incentive?
  6. I've heard that some solar panels completely stop to function when partially shaded. What kind of solar panels have this problem and what kind of solar panels does not have this problem?
  7. I heard that in UK, they have roof titles that have solar cells built-in. Is this available in the US? How efficient and cost effective is this compared to other solar cell technologies?
  8. What is cell efficiency? What is module efficiency? What is the difference? How can we improve module efficiency?
  9. What is feed-in tarrif? What is net-metering? How are they different?
  10. Why do more countries use feed-in tariffs than use net-metering?
  11. What is the carbon emission pay-back time? How is silicon crystal produced? How much CO2 is emitted into the environment for producing a single 10kwh solar panel, and how long will it take this solar panel to reduce this amount?
  12. As Germany become the leader in PV, what happened to the German utility companies?
  13. If I build a DIY solar panels not connected to the grid, can I use it to heat water or air and then pump this water / air back into the house? Is there any risk / issue with the insurance company?
  14. What is the current average dollar per watt?
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