Solar Questions


  1. Our monthly utility bill is XXX, and we want to offset all of it, how much solar power do we need to buy or lease?
  2. When we say that we need to buy a 10kw system, what does this really mean? Will this system produce 10kw per month or per year?
  3. How much does it cost if I buy a 10kw system?
  4. How much does it cost if I buy a 3kw system?
  5. How much of this is labor cost and how much of this is hardware cost? Do we have a choice of buying our own solar system and you just do the installation?
  6. Does the federal incentive apply to leasing? How does this federal incentive work?
  7. Should I buy or should I lease?
  8. If I lease, is there any initial cost that I have to pay?
  9. If I want to take out a loan to pay for solar panels, what complications will I face in an adverse event if I need to short sell or foreclose my house?
  10. If I lease, how much do I have to pay you per watt?
  11. How long will I have to keep the lease for?
  12. What complications will I face when I need to sell my house?
  13. I have heard about net metering and feed-in tarriff, but I don't know the difference between the two. Please explain.
  14. If I own multiple houses, can I take claim the federal incentive on each of my house? Is there a maximum dollar amount that I can claim from the federal incentive?
  15. If I want buy solar panels, and I want battery back-up, how much do I need to pay more? What about in term of maintenance?
  16. Can you install solar panels above the roof without touching the roof?
  17. When the lease expires, and I choose to have the equipment removed, who is responsible for fixing the roof?
  18. Do I get charged per kWh the electricity your panels generate or per kWh of electricity that I use?
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