Solar - Pricing


Hyper X 2 bifacial Solar that offers up to 21.5% efficiency as well as double sided power production that are available that are not subject to the tariffs.

Hyper X 2 solar panels are bifacial (double sided) and are rated at up to 21.5% (panel) efficiency with only a back side boost of 20%. SolarCity's panels are not bifacial so they can't produce any power from their backside. Another big difference. In addition, our panels are glass on glass, semi transparent and frameless at only 1/4 inch thick versus 1-2 inch thick for standard panels so their far more aesthetically pleasing.

I have a recent SolarCity quote that was provided by one our customers and their purchased system price quote on a 9.84 kW is $4.91 per watt before incentive. Our pricing on the same size, installed system is $2.99 per watt before incentives. So yes, they do price their systems much higher than what's available.

The greedy SolarCity quoted me $5.99 per Watt! Simply because real estate in our area is sky high. I got a nice quote for a better system from solar home and then a licensed local company to install them, the total cost is about $2.90 per Watt, and your pricing is within the norm.

We're already at less than $1.20 a watt and we're not SolarCity.

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