Solar - Next Step


  1. Study my utility bill.
  2. Figure out how much I want to pay for solar panels
  3. Learn how to calculate the payback period
  4. Contact PG&E. Ask for a solar person. Ask what requirements I need to satisfy, and how I can go about satisfying all those requirements, and ask them for a list solar panel installers that they would recommend.
  5. Contact San Jose city government to ask them about requirements that I must satisfy, and the process that I must go through to satisfy those requirements. Ask them for a list of solar panel installers that they would recommend.
  6. Prepare a list of questions that I would ask solar panel installers
  7. Contact all the installers that I know about. Pretend that I am going to purchase solar, and ask them all the questions from the list above.
  8. Research the credibility of each installer
  9. Research each installer by visiting their web site to see about what they offer
  10. Rank each installer according to whether I would like to partner or work with them or not
  11. Create the web page

Search the net for "energy saving tips"

Benefits of buying Energy Star qualified appliance:

What is the price of those thermal sensor?

Differences between programmable thermostats and smart thermostats

Can programmable thermostat be target for different room? If I am at home by myself, the temperature in my room (the one that I am currently in) should be kept at certain temperature. Other rooms in the house if not occupied can be a couple of degrees lower. If the entire house is empty, the entire system can be off. If I am away on vacation, I should be able to access the system to turn it off or re-configure it. Even when it is off (not really), I should still be able to access it. I should be able to access it, and turn it back on when I am about to reach home. Any maintenance notifications (battery changes) should be sent via SMS, email once a day (5 days in advance) and beep (1 day in advance).

How to estimate required capacity for a central air conditioning system?

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