Solar - Interesting Usages


How do solar panels help farmer?

It generate electricity. It provide shade for the trees, plants, and reduce water evaporation.

In what ways are we not using all the solar energy available to us?

  • Our roofs are still not entirely covered with solar panels
  • Our walls, fences, yards, car ports are still not entirely covered with solar panels
  • Our deserts are still not covered with solar panels
  • Our farms are not covered with windmills and solar panels

Why should farmers cover their farms with windmills and adjustable / removable solar panels?

  • Windmills and solar panels generate electricity which can be sold to utility companies. These source of natural energy help reduce air polution.
  • Adjustable / removable solar panels allow sunlight to get through when these solar panels are not being used. When they are being used, these solar panels block the sunlight, prevent water evaporation, keep water in the ground, reduce the cost on water consumption.
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