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Focus, Focus, Focus
May I radiate love, happiness, peace, joy, compassion, and kindness.
May I be humble and respect others.
May I radiate humor, laughter, and love.

I love myself.
I love everyone.
I love the universe.
I love this life.
I am worthy and grateful.
Thank you for clean refreshing water.
Thank you for wonderful food because it has been prepared by kind and generous people (farmers, bakers, etc)
Thank you for my house, the roof over my head, my cars, my clothes.
Thank you for my job.
Thank you for my friends.
Thank you for my heart beating because each moment is a opportunity to live and explore.
Thank you.

I pray for healthy relationships, health life, and healthy mind.

Be the love that you want to see in healthcare.
Be the light that you want to see in the world.

Be nonjudgemental
Be self-control
Be compassionate
Be kindness

Live with opened-mind / curiosity.

Everyday, in every way I am getting better and better - Émile Coué de la Châtaigneraie

healthy professional life, healthy creative life, healthy spiritual life, healthy environment, healthy mind
anything can be a medicine or poison depending on our particular situation

  1. Live in the present moment. Do not delve in the past, and do not worry too much into the future. The past is already gone, and the future is not yet here (or may never arrive). Try to correct mistake in the past if we can, and try to handle the future if we can but do not live in the past or the future too much. Live in the present moment because that is where reality is. If we live too much in the past, or too much in the future, it is not good for our health, and we may miss out on what is happening NOW. So enjoy the present moment. Forgive. Let go of the past, and do not worry too much about the future.
  2. Do not judge other people. It's naturally very easy to judge others because it is part of our makeup to look at others and size them up. It is our primitive brain analyzing threats and assessing the world around us. But that is not always helpful, and sometimes leads us to look at someone the wrong way. God does not judge a man until the final day, so we should not judge anyone.
  3. Embrace changes. Every morning we wake up and look in the mirror. We identify that person as 'us'. We grow attached to this perception, with our body and personality. When it changes with diseases, old age, or accidents, we suffer. This is true of our friends and family as well. Everything changes. It is the fundamental law of the universe. When we actually understand this and embrace it, peace flows easily and without expectations.
  1. Breath out so that if it takes x seconds to breath in, it should take 3x seconds to breath out.
  2. Block one side of your nose, take 10 breaths, switch side and take another 10 breaths.
  3. As you get better, you inhale one side and exhale the other side.


Inhale 4, excel 6, hold 2
Inhale 4, hold 7, exhale 8

Prana: Life, Breath, Energy

Fast walking is fantastic for fantastic for your brain and your heart. Do it for 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week.

Play engaging games.
Get active (exercise).
Get active (get social) / volunteer.
Stay positive. See challenges as opportunities.
Think big. Innovate.
Think positive. Each night, visualize how tomorrow can be.
Be imaginative.

Our action springs not from our will but our imagination.
The will always yields to the imagination (imagination reside inside our subconscious mind, whereas the will roughly reside in our conscious mind).

Make it so that failure is not an option. Lock yourself in. Make sure that there is no way to turn back. Find a business partner who you can enter into the contract with (a mastermind alliance). Basically, you promise yourself to do something, and if you do not follow through, your business partner will punish you. See the last 1/4 of

Placebo effect versus nocebo effect. Positive thinking leads to positive result. Negative thinking leads to negative result.

I didn't survive. I prepared. — Nelson Mandella (Choose our words, and our thoughts). He spent 27 years in prison, but he didn't loose hope.
What we focus on is what we think about. If we focus on our fear, it will become worse. If we think about the things that we do not want, we will get more of what we do not want. If we shift our focus, we shift our perspective, we change how we interact with it, and we change our result.

Self-talk + focus + physiology + purpose greater than ourselves = energy management

In a crisis, we don't rise to the occassion, we sink to the level of our training - A navy seal.
In a crisis, we don't rise to the occassion, we sink to the level of our thinking - Penny Zenker.

Physical health
Mental health: fun, humor, human connectivity, nature connectivity

  1. Single task
  2. inhibit information (block out information that is not necessary right now)
  3. avoid distraction
  4. big idea thinking (imagination, innovation, synthesize, combine, ask the what if questions)
  5. calibrate mental effort (when you are hunting an elephant, do not waste your energy chasing rabbits. Do your rabbits quickly but take time to do your elephant right. For most individuals, the elephant need to be done when the brain is in its prime time, and that is typically the first 2 hours of the day for most people.).
  6. Fasting. Proper diet gives our brain more power.
  7. Being happy also give us more power.
  1. Recognize what we are suffering from
  2. Breath evenly and deeply
  3. Release it as we continue breathing

It is biologically impossible to have an anxiety or panic attack when you are breathing slowly, deeply, and evenly.

Yoga is the resolution of the agitations of the mind.

Power of the mind:

  1. Manage the five senses. (If we watch a lot of violent TV, we may become more violent. What we feed our 5 senses, impact our behavior)
  2. Strong internal desire to eliminate diseases / weaknesses
  3. Employ rules / disciplines

There are two kinds of people in this world, ones that manage their own minds, and ones get managed by their own minds, which one are you?

A miracle is a shift in perception.

— showing up, doing the work, and letting go of the result. Put your feed on the floor, do the best with what you have in front of you, be open to all the opportunities that life has in store for you. Life is a whole lot less about lasing up the boot straps and charging forward, but more about learning to ride the wave. —

When you let go of what you are, you become what you might be - Lao Tzu

You are not your body. I know that I am not my body, and I also know that you are not yours, and then it no longer matters what you look like, where you come from, or what you do for a living. All that matters is that we continue to fan the flame of humanity by living our lives as the ultimate creative expression of who we really are. Because we are all connected by millions and millions of straws, and it is time to join those up and to hang on, and if we are to move towards our collective bliss, it is time we shed our focus on the physical, and instead embrace the virtues of the heart. - Janine Shepherd

Most of us have trapped ourselves in an old image and have never update ourselves. If we want to improve the result of our lives, first look at our self-image of who we want to be. Change our self-image mentally. Who do I have to be in order to live the life that I want?

Hands / Fingers Exercises:

1. Instead of using the Chinese balls, use wooden balls or some kinds of nuts (no noise)
2. Rub your hands in a straight forward and backward together
3. Run your hands together in a circular motion
4. Put your hands together (the fingers spread out) and then move your hands apart but keep the fingertips touching each other, and gently press them together to apply slight pressure on the fingers.
5. Form fists, and then open them rapidly.
6. Press the index finger against your thumb. Repeat with other fingers.
7. Use the thumb to apply slight pressure onto other fingers.
8. Stretch your hands straight out
9. Stretch your fingers apart
10. Put your hands together, finger interlaced, and then extend your hands and turned your palms outward away from you
11. Use your fingers when you count
12. Put your hands above your heads with your hands touching your hair

With each breath, see yourself growing in the direction that we want.

You haven't worked for it, it is just given to you, and when these two things come together, something that is really valuable to me and I realize that it is freely given, then gratefulness spontaneously rises in my heart, happiness spontaneously rises in my heart. That is how gratefulness happens. Each moment is a gift. The gift within this gift is really the opportunity. We can avail ourselves to this opportunity or we can miss it.

Stop signs to remind us to be grateful for:


Put these next to the things that we are grateful for so that each time we use these things, we are reminded that we should be grateful for these things.

Open our eyes, our noses, our ears, all our senses, for the wonderful richness that is given to us. There is no end to it, and that is what life is all about. Enjoy, and enjoy what is given to us. And then we can also open our hearts, for the opportunities to also help others, to make other happy because nothing make us more happy than when all of us are happy. And when we open our hearts to the opportunities, the opportunities invite us to do something, and that is the third. Stop, look, and then go, and really do something, and whatever we do that life offer to us at that moment, mostly it's the opportunity to enjoy. Stop, look, go.

If you are grateful, you are not fearful, and if you are not fearful, you're not violent.
If you are grateful, you act out of a sense of enough, and not of a sense of scarcity, and you are willing to share.
If you are grateful, you are enjoying the differences between people, and you are respectful to everybody, and that changes this power pyramid under which we live.
David Steindl-Rast -

20 minutes a day to honor your body, your mind, and your health.
meditate, take a walk, take a long warm bath while listening to calm / happy music.

How do you feel when we deliver that project?

Love the body and life you have, and you will have the body and life you love - Jen Oliver

Eat healthy, exercise, take care of your body and do all that you can do to cap it all off with a night of great sleep.

Should you find a wise critic to point out your faults, follow him as you would a guide to hidden treasure - The Buddha

Notice how you feel
What is it like to be able to see?
What is it like to be able to hear?
Notice how lucky you are to be alive

Focus + attention = creation

Stop blaming others.

Focus + attention = creation

Stop blaming others.

We must change on the inside in order to see changes on the outside.

I have no desires, so I remain contented in the love of God.

Prem Das lives in the Himalayan. The name Prem Das means Servant of Love. People coming and going, coming and going. This body gets old, but the soul does not. Serving teas and sharing love with whoever that shows up. He has an extra room for wandering Sadhus to stop and rest.

What kind of sadhana do you do?

I am a devotee of Ram. I repeatedly chant the name of Ram, and sing songs about God, and do my yoga and unite.

What does the term 'Sadhu' mean to you?

A Sadhu has no anger, no desire to benefit from others (non-attachment), or cause harm to others. He only wants to find God. He has no anger, and finds no fault. I have no desires, so I remain contented in the love of God. So I do not need to be coming and going (in this life).

This Maya (world or illusion) is about sustaining creation, not about finding God. Singing to God keeps you contented, then Maya follows behind a sadhu. Maya (illusions) contains Desire, Greed, and Anger. Everyone came naked and will leave naked. They won't take anything with them. This is all worldly behavior. It is not for attaining God. Maya is far from God. Everyone pursues Maya for their own pleasures. This is all false. This will all remain here (in this world). This is not in the life of a Sadhu. Sadhu is someone who sings to God, and strives to attain God. He is doing benefit to others and thinking of the welfare of others. Speaks the Truth and moves by a good way. He doesn't give pain to others.

Do the word of God. Do the good action. For that purpose, this body is made. Do good action, then go. God has made only one soul. Forms are many. The soul of everyone is the same.

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