Security Xss Impact


// Security - Cross Site Scripting - Impact

Some attackers are financially motivated and would look to compromise credit 
card or bank account information. Some attackers are politically or socially 
motivated and may look to deface a page, impacting a company's reputation as a 
form of protest. Or even attackers may be hired by a competitor to target user 
accounts with a goal of accessing your data as a form of corporate espionage. 
Here are some of the impacts of XSS attacks:

1. Arbitrary requests: An attacker can use XSS to send requests that appear to 
   be from the victim to the web server.  Example of this is transferring fund, 
   or approving a transaction, action, requests, without the victim's knowlegde.

2. Malware download: XSS can prompt the user to download malware. Since the 
   prompt looks like a legitimate request from the site, the user may be more 
   likely to trust the request and actually install the malware.

3. Log keystrokes — The attacker can monitor keyboard entries, possibly finding 
   usernames and passwords to access accounts at later dates.
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