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salesforce-developer - Techniques and Tools to Improve the Salesforce Development Cycle - Introduction to Git for Developers - A Deep Dive into Debugging Applications on the Salesforce1 Platform - Introduction To Aura - Hands-on Training: Get started with the IDE for Admins - Top Tips for Admins: Cutting Corners with IDE - How to use GIT with Salesforce in IDE IDE
Schema Explorer
Schema Builder
Developer Console
Data Loader
Process Builder
Event Monitoring
UML Diagrams

1. IDE (an Eclipse plugin)
2. Developer Console (exists within the Salesforce web interface)
3. Log (Developer Log) (exists within the Salesforce web Setup interface)
4. Schema Explorer (exists within the IDE, double-click on salesforce.schema)
5. System.debug
6. Workbench:
7. CLI
8. Rest Explorer:
9. Integration Log
10. Restful Callout Viewer
11. Mavenmate
12. Inline Editor (exists within the Salesforce web interface)
13. Salesforce1: Mobile App to power your mobile strategy
14. SalesforceA: Mobile App for Administrator
15. Data Import Wizard
16. Data Loader
17. Process Builder
Salesforce has two different user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.
It’s easy to switch between the two.
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