Salesforce Developer Soql Combine Multiple Triggers


// Salesforce - Developer - SOQL - Best Practices
// Combine triggers

It is important to avoid redundancies and inefficiencies when deploying multiple 
triggers on the same object. If developed independently, it is possible to have 
redundant queries that query the same dataset or possibly have redundant for 

We do not have any explicit control over which trigger gets initiated first.  
Each trigger that is invoked does not get its own governor limits. Instead, all 
code that is processed, including the additional triggers, share those available 

So instead of only the one trigger getting a maximum of 100 queries, all triggers 
on that same object will share those 100 queries limit. That is why it is critical 
to ensure that the multiple triggers are efficient and no redundancies exist (
combine those triggers if possible).

We may need to remove packages that we no longer need.  Also, can we 
purchase additional SOQL limit just like we can purchase additional API limit?
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