Salesforce Developer Security Connected Apps Demo


// Salesforce - Developer - Security - Connected Apps Demo:

1. As mentioned earlier Salesforce OAuth flows require you to set up a 
   corresponding connected app. Let's go create a connected app in our 
   training org. Go to Setup -> Create -> Apps -> New Connected App.

2. On the App detail page, fill out the required fields. Check "Enable OAuth 
   settings". Set callback URL to:

3. The callback URL is where the auth code from the web server flow will be sent.

4. We can also create new trusted IP ranges for the app access.

5. The selected OAuth scope here defines what access should this token have.

6. You can see the OAuth consumer key and consumer secret of the app once it's 
   created. We will be using these values to issue an access token for the user 
   as this test app. 

7. Now let's browse to the tab 1.2 Authentication Controls -> Connected Apps 
   Demo. Make sure you do this part of the exercise in an incognito window with 
   only the salesforce training org logged in.
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