Salesforce - Developer - Programmatic development


Declarative refers to point-and-click functionality in Salesforce. It means that 
you can configure and customize Salesforce without writing code.

Programmatic refers to code-driven functionality in Salesforce. It means that 
you can customize Salesforce using programmatic tools like Apex, Visualforce, 
and Lightning, and standard web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and more.

Some of the things that fall under programmatic development are:

1. Apex: Develop with an object-oriented, Java-like programming language that
   is optimized and tuned for accessing Salesforce database objects.

2. VisualForce: Define user interface components and construct visual elements
   using a markup language similar to HTML, thus allowing the user to interact
   with and modify data from the database.

3. SOQL: Look at a specific set of data, like all contracts in a geographic
   region, using's object database query language, similar in syntax
   to SQL.  SOQL is used in many of the Salesforce APIs.

4. Lightning Components: Develop dynamic web apps for mobile and desktop device
   using a modern, component-based UI framework.
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