Salesforce Developer Platform Cache Troubleshooting


How do you know if you’re making the best use of the cache? There are a couple 
ways you can check performance data. One way is to view the diagnostics 
information in Setup (available in Salesforce Classic only).

Before you access the diagnostics page, enable the cache diagnostics permission 
for your user.

1. From Setup, enter users in the Quick Find box, then select Users.

2. Click your user’s name, and then click Edit.

3. Select Cache Diagnostics, and then click Save.

Next, access the diagnostics page for a specific cache type in a partition.

1. From Setup, enter cache in the Quick Find box, then select Platform Cache.

2. Click the partition for which you want to check diagnostics information.

3. Under session cache or org cache, click Diagnostics.

If you click Diagnostics for the org cache, the Org Cache Diagnostics page opens 
in a new tab. This page shows two charts. The first chart (Usage Against Limit) 
shows your cache usage limit.

Use the information on the diagnostics page to determine whether to adjust your 
cache usage. For example, if a cache value has a low access count, indicating 
that it’s rarely used, consider whether it’s really needed, especially if it’s 
large. Or if you’re getting close to the cache usage limit, reconsider what to 
cache. You might want to remove unnecessary cache values or purchase more cache 
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