Salesforce Developer Org


To sign up for a Developer Edition org:

1. Navigate to Fill out the form using an 
   active email address. Your username must also look like an email address and 
   be unique, but it does not need to be a valid email account. For example, 
   your username could be yourname@myDE.test, or you can put in your company 

2. Check for an activation email and click the login link to complete your 

3. Create your password and challenge questions.

4. Click Save.

5. You will be redirected to your DE organization Setup area.

6. Since this is your first time using your DE org, you can take the tour if you 
   want. Just be sure to leave your browser window open. And remember, this is 
   your login and you can use it anytime! Just go to to log 
   in and play. You can load sample data, try out features, write code, use the 
   mobile app, and more. It’s all yours.
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