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//Salesforce - Developer - Governor Limits:

We can only have 5 queued or active batch jobs at any one time.

An Apex request can gets a maximum of:

1. 100 SOQL queries.
2. 150 DML operations

A list of governor limits specific to the @future annotation: 

1. No more than 10 method calls per Apex invocation
2. No more than 200 method calls per Salesforce license per 24 hours
3. The parameters specified must be primitive dataypes, arrays of primitive 
   datatypes, or collections of primitive datatypes.
4. Methods with the future annotation cannot take sObjects or objects as 
5. Methods with the future annotation cannot be used in Visualforce controllers 
   in either getMethodName or setMethodName methods, nor in the constructor. 

Storage limit:
Set Up -> Administration Setup -> Storage Usage
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