Salesforce Developer Event Monitoring Rest Explorer


// Event Monitoring - To View Events in the REST Explorer:

The REST Explorer gives you access to the Salesforce REST API, a web service 
that lets you retrieve data from your organization.  To get more information 
about your organization’s Report Export events in Workbench:

1. In the top menu, select utilities | REST Explorer.
2. Replace the existing text with /services/data/v <API version> .0/query?q=
3. Click Execute

If no reports have been exported from your organization in the past 24 hours, 
the totalSize field has a value of zero. Remember that it takes 24 hours for 
events to become available. You can export a report from your organization and 
try again tomorrow. Alternatively, you can replace ReportExport with a different 
event type in your REST query (for example, Login).
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