Salesforce Developer Deployment Unsupported Metadata Types


// Salesforce - Developer - Deployment - Managing Unsupported Metadata Types:

Most customizations and feature settings in Salesforce, such as custom objects 
or account settings, are available through Metadata API. However, some 
customizations aren’t represented in Metadata API as metadata components. You 
can’t deploy those changes from one environment to another. Instead, you have 
to manually recreate the changes in each environment.

With every release of Salesforce, we support more and more metadata types, and 
in time, we hope to have everything supported. Although it’s not a best 
practice, the easiest practice is to develop functionality that is represented 
in the Metadata API whenever possible. As you get more experienced with 
application lifecycle management, you can introduce more complexity, such as 
using unsupported types.

You can move metadata components by using other tools, such as Change Sets.

Avoid customizations that require metadata type that are not yet available 
with the Metadata API if possible.
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