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// How Salesforce Releases Affect Your Release Schedule:

Salesforce do 3 major releases per year.  We should participate in the Preview 

Salesforce usually upgrades to a new version three times per year. A sandbox 
preview window occurs right before the upgrade so that you can try out new 
features before your production organization is upgraded. For a brief time, your 
sandbox and production organizations could be running different versions of 
Salesforce.  This preview window can affect your environment in the following 

1. If your sandbox is on a newer release than production, you can’t use change 
   sets to migrate changes. You can use other options to move changes between a 
   preview sandbox and production. For example, you can use the IDE 
   and Migration Tool, as long as they are set to an API version that 
   the production org supports.

2. If Full or Partial Copy sandboxes have a refresh interval that coincides with 
   a preview window, the sandbox could be in the previous API version. You then 
   need to wait for the refresh interval before you can run the same version as 

Sandboxes are usually upgraded earlier than the production organization, but it 
could be later, depending on the instance. The sandbox copy date determines the 
schedule. You can view the upcoming maintenance schedule at our trust site by 
clicking the View Upcoming Maintenance Schedule link.

Salesforce upgrades are scheduled during off-peak hours and rarely affect users. 
However, IT departments often schedule their own batch processes during these 
same hours, so it’s important to avoid conflicts.
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