Salesforce Developer Deployment Process For Changes In Produ


// Salesforce - Developer - Deployment - Establish a Process for Changes in Production:

To guarantee a successful deployment to your production organization, it is 
necessary to move changes from production to development, so that your 
development environments have the same changes that occurred on production. 
This may seem like a backwards thing to do, to move modifications from your 
production organization to your development environments, but it’s necessary 
because migrating from development to production can overwrite the changes 
already made on production.

When modifications occur on the production organization, you need to create or 
refresh a sandbox to get the latest changes. Note that you can’t refresh the 
sandbox used by the development team - the sandbox refresh would wipe out their 
changes! Therefore, tracking changes between the production and development 
environments, and then merging those differences from production to development, 
can be a necessary process.
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