Salesforce Developer Deployment Create Package


To create an unmanaged package:

1. From Setup, type Packages into the Quick Find text box

2. Click on Packages under Create

3. Click on the New button

4. Provide a name, description, and other parameters.

5. You'll be given the opportunity to add components. Packages are collections 
   of components, such as Apex class, a Visualforce page, triggers, email 
   templates, documents and workflow rules, etc.

6. Follow on-screen instructions.

You can now upload the package.  As part of this process, you have to specify a
version number.  This also provides an installation link. That same installation 
link will be emailed to you as well to facilitate distribution of the 
installation link to people with which you want to share the package.

After someone clicks the installation link, they'll be asked to enter their 
credentials, after which they'll be presented with an installation screen.  
After hitting "Continue" and clicking through the security screens, the package 
will then be installed directly into your environment.
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