Salesforce Developer Deployment Changeset


Changeset is located under the Deploy section on the left in the Setup screen.  
Deployment involves setting up deployment connections.  In the sandboxes, we
can create changesets (outbound), and on the production environment, we can see 
those changesets (inbound), and we can deploy them.  When we are done with 
creating an outbound changeset, we must click on the upload button.

Profiles and Permission sets are not standalone.  When we create the changeset,
we need to include the permission sets and the associated assets (Apex classes,
Visualforce pages, etc).  Profiles and Permission sets must be assigned in the 
production org.

Change Sets and the Migration Tool are the recommended tools for 
migration. Change Sets is accessible through the Salesforce user interface and 
allows migrations between sandbox and production. The Migration Tool 
is a command-line tool and migrates data between two environments, including 
Developer Editions orgs.

The easiest way to move changes between a sandbox and a production environment 
is with a change set. For small deployments, the UI is easy to use, allowing 
you to select components and find dependencies. Because everything happens in 
the cloud, you don’t need to bring files to a local file system. You can also 
reuse a change set. After a change set is locked, you can deploy to all 
connected environments, secure in the knowledge that nothing can change. You 
can also clone a change set and make minor changes.

Change Set is good for:

1. Point & click
2. Straight sandbox to production migrations
3. Change management without using a local file system
4. Auditing previously deployed changes
5. Enforcing code migration paths
6. Deploying the same components to multiple orgs

// Changes Set Considerations:

1. You can move metadata only between the production org and its sandboxes. 
   You can’t move changes between two production orgs or Developer Editions.

2. You can add components with a change set, but you can’t delete them. You must 
   use another method to delete components, typically manually.

3. Because change sets are cloud-based, they’re not ideal when used with a 
   source control system.
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