Salesforce Developer Deployment Best Practices Part 1


// Salesforce - Developer - Deployment - Best Practices:

 Product Owner
 Release engineer
 1. Security token (make sure you are able to access the application
    and deployment tool prior to your deployment schedule
 2. Run all
 3. Pre-deployment steps
 4. Deployment steps
 5. Post deploy steps
Deploy often

Traceability / Change log / Feature log / Release notes

Refresh after every release.

Create a Post Refresh run-list.  This includes:

1. Data masking needs
2. User / Profile modifications
3. Test Data loads
4. Turn off scheduled jobs
5. Manage outbound email.

Changes made in the user interface can break tests, which then block deployments 
until those tests are fixed. To avoid delays, run all unit tests frequently in 
your org.
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