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salesforce-developer - Coding for Declarative Customizations: How We Do It in IT

Declarative refers to point-and-click functionality in Salesforce. It means that 
you can configure and customize Salesforce without writing code.

Programmatic refers to code-driven functionality in Salesforce. It means that 
you can customize Salesforce using programmatic tools like Apex, Visualforce, 
and Lightning, and standard web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and more.

Some of the point-and-click tools that exist in Salesforce such as controlling 
security do not fall under declarative development, but other point-and-click 
tools do fall under declarative development.  Some of the tools that fall under 
declarative development are:

1. User Interface:  Create forms and page layout using drag-and-drop tools
   in the Page Layout editor.

2. Lightning Process Builder:  Create rules that take time-dependent action and
   automate multi-step processes using Workflows.  Automate the processes your
   organization uses to approve Salesforce records using Approvals.

3. Schema Builder: Customize objects and create relationships between them using
   drag-and-drop tools in Schema Builder.

4. Reports and Dashboards:  Present data quickly and comprehensively using 
   Report Builder.  Show data from source reports as visual components using
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