Salesforce Developer Data Security Users Time Restriction


// Salesforce - Developer - Data Security - Restrict Login Access by Time:

For each profile, you can specify the hours when users can log in. For example, 
for employees who only need to access customer data during business hours, you 
can deny login access during evening hours and weekends.

1. From Setup, enter Profiles in the Quick Find box, then select Profiles.

2. Select a profile and click its name.

3. In the profile overview page, scroll down to Login Hours and click Edit.

4. Set the days and hours when users with this profile can log in to the 

To allow users to log in at any time, click Clear all times. To prohibit users 
from using the system on a specific day, set the start and end times to the 
same value.

If users are logged in when their login hours end, they can continue to view 
their current page, but they can’t take any further action.
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