Salesforce Developer Data Security Users Password Policy


// Salesforce - Developer - Data Security - Setting Password Policies

You can configure several settings to ensure that your users’ passwords are 
strong and secure:

1. Password policies—set password and login policies, such as specifying an 
   amount of time before all users’ passwords expire and the level of complexity 
   required for passwords.

2. User password expiration—expire the passwords for all the users in your 
   organization, except for users with “Password Never Expires” permission.

3. User password resets—reset the password for specified users.

4. Login attempts and lockout periods—if a user is locked out due to too many 
   failed login attempts, you can unlock the person’s access.

// To set password and login policies:

1. From Setup, enter Password in the Quick Find box, then select 
   Password Policies.

2. Customize the password settings. The options you can set include:

   1. password length
   2. password complexity (whether to require alpha, numeric, uppercase, 
      lowercase, or special characters)
   3. number of days for which passwords are valid
   4. maximum invalid login attempts

3. Customize the forgotten password and locked account assistance information.

4. Click Save
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