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A record owner can share individual records with other users by using the Share 
button on the record. This method of granting access is also known as a manual 
share. In some cases, granting access to one record includes access to all its 
associated records. For example, if you grant another user access to an account, 
the user will automatically have access to all the opportunities and cases 
associated with that account.

Sometimes it’s impossible to define a consistent group of users who need access 
to a particular set of records. In those situations, record owners can use 
manual sharing to give read and edit permissions to users who would not have 
access to the record any other way. Although manual sharing isn’t automated 
like organization-wide sharing settings, role hierarchies, or sharing rules, 
it gives record owners the flexibility to share particular records with users 
that need to see them. Furthermore, record owners can easily remove the manual 
shares if the access is not needed anymore.

To grant access to a record, you must be one of the following users:

1. The record owner

2. A user in a role above the owner in the hierarchy (if your organization’s 
   sharing settings control access through hierarchies)

3. Any user granted “Full Access” to the record

4. An administrator
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