Salesforce Developer Data Security Object Access


// Salesforce - Developer - Data Security - Access to Objects (Overview):

Object-level security provides the simplest way to control data access. By 
setting permissions on a particular type of object, you can prevent a group of 
users from creating, viewing, editing, or deleting any records of that object.

There are two ways of setting object permissions (profiles or permission sets)L

1. Profiles determine the objects a user can access and the permissions a user 
   has on any object record (Create, Read, Edit, and Delete).

2. Permission sets grant additional permissions and access settings to users.

Users can have only one profile but they can have many permission sets. This 
means you can use profiles to grant the minimum permissions and settings that 
all users of a particular type need and then use permission sets to grant 
additional permissions. The combination of profiles and permission sets gives 
you a great deal of flexibility in specifying object-level access.
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