Salesforce Developer Data Security Intro


// Salesforce - Developer - Data Security - Introduction & miscellaneous:

The platform provides a flexible, layered sharing model that makes it 
easy to assign different data sets to different sets of users. This ensures you 
can balance security and convenience, minimizing the risk of stolen or misused 
data while making sure all users can easily access the data they need.

The platform includes simple-to-configure security controls that make it easy to 
specify which users can view, create, edit, or delete any record or field in the 
app. You can configure access at the level of the organization, objects, fields, 
or individual records. By combining security controls at different levels, you 
can provide just the right level of data access to thousands of users without 
having to specify permissions for each user individually.

Although you can configure the security and sharing model entirely using the 
user interface, it is implemented at the API level. That means any permissions 
you specify for objects, records, and fields apply even if you query or update 
the data via API calls. This ensures the security of your data is protected, 
regardless of how it is accessed.
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