Salesforce - Developer - App


An app is a set of fields, objects, permissions, and functionality to support a 
business process.

To create an App:

1. Click on the "Setup" link in the top right hand corner

2. Click on the "Add App" button

3. Provide appropriate name in the "App" field: (Charitable)

4. Provide appropriate label: (Fundraiser)

5. Provide the appropriate plural label: (Fundraisers)

6. Click the "Create" button.  Salesforce do:

   a. Creates a Fundraiser object with a few fields
   b. Creates a Charitable Developer permission set
   c. Adds Chatter, Files, Reports and Dashboards

7. Click on the "Go To My App" button.

In the above steps, we create an app named Charitable, and the label and 
plural label refers to the main type of data that the app tracks.  In this case,
the Charitable app need track fundraisers.  When we click the Create button, 
Salesforce automatically do the followings:

1. creates the application with the given name
2. creates the Fundraiser object (table), 
2. creates the Charitable Developer permission set
3. adds Chatter, Files, Reports and Dashboards

Your App is mobile ready.  Go to Google Play or App Store and download the
Salesforce1 Mobile App, and log in with your Developer Edition credentials.

Traditionally, when we build an app, we'd need hardware and software.  We'd have 
to define access and security, set up reports and analytics, and then actually
build the app.  If we want the app to be mobile and social, we'd have to do 
some work to set that up too.

Building an app with Salesforce is different.  There is no installation of 
hardware and software, and there are standard options for defining security,
and user access, creating reports, and making the app social and mobile.

Salesforce app offers:

1. A Chatter feed for your app, allowing for user collaboration, and sharing 
   comments, files, and more, all in the context of your app.

2. A full-featured reports engine and dashboards to summarize your most 
   important data.

3. An out-of-the-box set of APIs to interact with the data.

4. A mobile-ready experience with the Salesforce1 Mobile App.
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