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There are two types of API limits. Concurrent limits cap the number of 
long-running calls (20 seconds or longer) that are running at one time. Total 
limits cap the number of calls made within a rolling 24-hour period.

Concurrent limits vary by org type. For a Developer Edition org, the limit is 
five long-running calls at once. For a sandbox org, it’s 25 long-running calls.

Total limits vary by org edition, license type, and expansion packs that you 
purchase. For example, an Enterprise Edition org gets 1,000 calls per Salesforce 
license and 200 calls per Light App license. With the Unlimited Apps 
Pack, that same Enterprise Edition org gets an extra 4,000 calls. Total limits 
are also subject to minimums and maximums based on the org edition.

You have several ways to check your remaining API calls. You can view them in 
the API Usage box on the System Overview page. From Setup, enter System Overview 
in the Quick Find box, then select System Overview. You can also set up 
notifications for when your org exceeds a number of API calls that you designate. 
To do so, from Setup, enter API Usage Notifications in the Quick Find box, then 
select API Usage Notifications.

When using REST or SOAP API, the LimitInfoHeader response header gives you 
information on your remaining calls. You can also access the REST API Limits 
resource for information about all sorts of limits in your org.
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