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What make a good successful salesman?

  1. Be professional. Put the best interest of the customer first. Make sure that the customer get the best deal possible without short changing yourself. Dress appropriately, be organized, prepare to be a consultative friend.
  2. Be polite, and friendly. Form a relationship. Form a friendship. Let the customers know (or feel) that they are in control, they are not being sold to, and they can count on us to provide truthful information.
  3. Treat the clients the way that you want to be treated. Always ask for their permission. Take your shoe off when you enter your customer's home.
  4. Be informed. Be knowledgeable so that you can answer and guide your customers to make the decision that is right for them.
  5. Respect customers' decisions.
  6. Sell your character. Stand up for your customers' best interests. People do business with people they like, people they trust.
  7. Talk about the benefits of your product in a tangible way. For example, solar panels makes your beer cold, your kids popsicles hard, puts money in your wallet, saving money from the very first day.

What do I need to do to get a job as a salesman in a hot industry?

  1. Be informed. Be knowledgeable so that you can answer and guide your customers to make the decision that is right for them.
  2. Be persistent. Once you are somewhat solar knowlegable, have demonstrated you know concerns customers have when faced with an investment decision like this one, it’s time to pick up the phone and set some interview appointments so you can show what you know, and suggest ways in which you can help out. That’s right, ask for an interview up front. Your persistence and follow-through in this process can demonstrate a lot to your potential employer about how you will handle communications with stalwart customers in your sales funnel.
  3. Be professional. Dress sharp. Be organized.
  4. Sell your character. In any interview, you need to be able to demonstrate through past behaviors ways in which you went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your customers had positive experience with any service you were delivering. While solar hiring managers may not ask you these types of behavioral interview questions, make it a point to communicate how your past actions resulted in remarkable outstanding experiences that clients felt compelled to share with others.
  5. Show that you understand the financials as well as the environmentals behind an investment in solar energy, have a handle on “net present value”, can speak carefully and accurately about depreciation expenses, tax credits, and renewable energy portfolio standards.
  6. See the job page.

How to make bargainer happy?

Some people are bargainer. It makes them feel that they are getting a good deal, etc. What is the best strategy to handle these people?

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