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problems-need-be-solved - natural way to remove chemicals caused by stress, anxiety, and depression from your body - printed

Learning Management systems (LMS) and Learning Record Stores (LRS)
Automation (Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt) - 2-Year Old Child Reveals One of the Best Kept Secrets in the World - How Canadian Banking System Works - To Awaken A Sleeping Giant - The Truth About America - Think Fast, Talk Smart: Communication Techniques

Developer how to find part-time job
How to start / run a franchise.
1. Liquor store
2. Speciality
3. Starbuck
4. Frozen yogurt (Yogurtland)
5. Mobile wireless store
6. Donut shop

Angular , ExtJS/JQuery, GWT, Dojo, Backbone.js
Apache Flume

Learn how to use:


perl module
perl oop
perl catalyst and other MVC framework
Need to read up on jquery-ui and plugin development guide / tutorial
jQuery commands
jQuery event handling
jQuery plugin development
Scikit-Learn, Weka or similar machine learning platform
mongodb - why should we use mongodb, what are the trade-offs between mongodb and other RDBMS (not NoSQL databases)
django + python - why should we use django, why should we use python
Need to look into electronics stuff and see which programming language can be used to measure the amount of carbon dioxide captured.
Elastic Stack
Security / web vulnerability
Pentaho BI
Apache Cansandra
Salesforce Administration
Google Analytics
BI + Data visualization
4 Hours work week
Oracle administration
Amazon S3
Amazon Web Services
Object Oriented Analysis and Design
HBase, Hive, Pig, Flume
Design Patterns
Unit Testing Patterns
Sendmail / Postfix / Qmail

Batteries, Rechargeable batteries

MySQL certification
Figure out the troubles that Alex has to go through to load the fixtures into the database.
RESTful Web Services
Ruby on Rail
release engineer

Google Barcamp / FooCamp

Vitamin D deficiency
Exercise equipments
All American Fitness: 1223 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126. Monday - Thursday 10-7, Friday & Saturday 10-6, Sunday 11-5
PlayItAgainSport: 1080 Blossom Hill Road, San Jose, CA 95123. 10:00 AM-7:00 PM
360Fitness Superstore: (888) 431-2702 ext 804. 727 Francisco Blvd East, San Rafael, CA 94901 (415)460-9951 Hours: 10 to 5

algorithmic complexity analysis
advanced data structures
algorithm design
searching and sorting
internationalization techniques
parsing and semantic analysis
recursion and mathematical induction
graph theory
programming language theory
machine architecture
discrete math and logic
graphics and window systems
fonts and typesetting
color spaces and representations
databases and query languages
filesystems and storage
embedded systems
fault-tolerant massively parallel machine-learning systems - How to Access Superconsciousness English HD Version Full Movie - Spiritual Reality - done watching - [Successs in 2016] Inspiration about Finding your purpose (A MUST SEE) - The Most Powerful Meditation You Can Do! ( Connect with God!) - 7 Ways to Make a Conversation With Anyone - Malavika Varadan - Awaken Your Third Eye (in 5 minutes)

How to interpret body gesture and movement
How to interpret eye brown
Face reading:

Become an Expert Google Searcher in an Hour

The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class with Elizabeth Warren

Advanced Topics in Programming Languages: Java Puzzlers
Advanced Topics In Programming Languages: Closures For Java

Programming Methodology: - Lecture 1 - watched - Lecture 2 - Lecture 4

Programming Paradigm:

Programming Abstraction:

1-888-382-1222 (do not call list, must call from the cell phone that you do not want to receive marketing call)

Document how to make an image file of a CD, DVD without burning it to disk. Document how to use Virtual Daemon Manager. Document making a copy of a CD, DVD.

Problem Solving Techniques:
Flow Charts
Ishikawa Diagrams
Pareto Charts
Scatter diagram
Control Charts

Pareto Charts: Pareto Charts Problem Solving Techniques #1: Pareto Analysis

San Jose flight path - See the flight paths for a particular city. We can use this to see the noise level of a city or area that are caused by air plane flying to or from a particular airport. The Google map display plane flying, and the noise level. Anything above 60 is too noisy. Related topic is "how to track fly path for a particular flight and see where the plane is in real time".

3D printing

How does a microwave oven work?
How to use and interpret Wireshark?

Science clubs
Math clubs
After school homework club

How do air conditioners work? What chemicals are used by air conditioners?

My body cannot handle fan. For whatever reason, when fan blow air (especially if the fan is rotating), it makes my body sick, and I do not like air conditioner that blow air at me. My home office is super hot during the afternoon. I want an air conditioner that is powered by solar panel, and does not blow air like most air conditioners do. I think of my air conditioner as a block of ice or coil, with a fan mounted on top of it. The fan would blow hot air down to this block of ice, and the air would hit this block of ice, then the floor, and disperse out around the room. Perhaps, the fan can be adjusted, rotated, so that it can be position on top, on the sides, or below the block of ice. The speed of the fan should be reasonably low, or adjustable. This air conditioner is also like a closed refrigerator. The outside is made of metal. The inside contains water and coil just like a refrigerator. Unlike the refrigerator, there is no insulating material between the outside metal and the contained water or ice. When the unit is turned off, I have to cover it with foam to keep the unit cold, and when I want to use it, I have to remove the foam, and turn it on. How does the refrigerator work? Where does the refrigerator pump the hot air to? So, my air conditioner operate like an opened refrigerator. When I want to turn it on, I open the freezer (remove the insulating foam that cover the unit) and then turn it on. Where do the hot air (excess energy) go? This excess energy is used in converting ice inside the freezer into liquid. When the air conditioner is turned off, we are really turning on the freezer. When the freezer get to the desired temperature, we need to somehow have a thermostat that measure the temperature inside the freezer to keep it at the desired temperature. When it get this temperature, we cover it with foam. Also, consider the compress air can that I use to remove dust from my computers. When I spray (let the compressed air out of the can), the can get really cold. Perhaps, this can be the second component of my air conditioner. Perhaps, I can use the power generated by my solar panels to pump air into a second compartment. When it get to a desired pressure, it would automatically lock the compartment. When I turn on the unit, I would have to manually apply a bit more pressure in order to be able to unlock the compartment and let the air out. While inside this compartment, this air is already at the room temperature, but when it is released, it get cold (just like the air inside the compressed air can), and the compartment get cold (just like the compressed air can as well). When we pump the air into the compartment, we are using energy to compress the air, and the compressed air increase its temperature but we do not realize this, and the increase temperature is release into the room but it is so subtle that we may not realize it. I am not sure what process is used to make compressed air cans, and whether it should be used here, but it is worth considering or looking into. It seems that we may need a way for this unit to notify us when it reach the desired temperature or pressure so that we can manually do extra tasks (such as covering it with foam, or lock the compartments). Can we make it in such a way that it automatically cover itself and lock the compartment? If it reach a certain pressure, it can lock itself using a one way lock. If we want to unlock, we have to apply a bit of pressure and squeeze the latch. The thing that I am referring to here for the locking mechanism look like an arrow. When pressure is applied against the side of the arrow's tip, the arrow tip is squeezed, but as soon as the ring pass the arrow tip, the arrow tip expand, and the ring cannot go back, unless we manually squeeze on the arrow tip. When we release the pressure, we may want to do it in a control way. We may not want the compressed air to shoot the compartment separator way to the other end and possibly create a loud noise. We probably need to have a spring at the other end.

How do refrigerators work? Do they work differently from air conditioners? Do they work more efficiently then air conditioners?

A good source of power to generate electricity would be the ocean / sea water. The ocean also has a lot of wind, so it is also a good place to generate electricity. What would it take to build a power plant above the ocean / sea? Electricity (taken from waterfalls) is already clean energy. Why do we need to reduce energy consumption? Why can't we afford to keep ourselves cool in the summer? Can we not take full advantage of the natural resources (winds, waterfall) around us?,,20791083,00.html

Cleaning the air:!ObaGO

Perhaps to keep your car engine running well while having eco-friendly exhaust filter system attached to your car, perhaps we can have something that suck the air out of the rear end of the combustion engine, pump that air through the exhaust filter (which may be a long pipe running around under your car). The longer time that the air stay in the exhaust, the more time it has to cool down and get filtered. We probably want to apply the concept of air conditioning or cooling here somehow if it is possible and practical. We probably also want to have something that can produce oxygen and send that oxygen directly into the engine rather than using the air outside which may contain nitrogen, or we may have something that filter the nitrogen and CO2 from the air before the air enter the combustion engine. Just use electric car.

Chemical reactions that produce oxygen, so that the oxygen can be directly pump into combustion engine so that the engine does not have to use the air from outside which may contain nitrogen. We still need to filter the CO2 that is produced. Do we still need to use combustion engine? Can we use electric engines everywhere just like cars?

Some companies are exploring the possibility of using hydrogen fuel. What are the possible alternatives including hydrogen fuel?

How do electric company produce electricity? Do they really burn coal? Do we really need to have nuclear power plan? Are we making effective use of all the natural resources?

Personal vent-less (duct-less) portable air conditioner controlled by a thermostat, and powered by a solar panel: ACW100
Combine a regular air conditioner with a swamp cooler. The regular air conditioner works as normal, but the hot exhaust pipe is combined / routed through a swamp cooler where the hot air blows through the wet cloth submitted in water. This probably does not work well because the energy still stay in the room (it hasn't gone anywhere), but may worth a try.
Heat is caused by excessive energy. When the room is hot, it contains a lot of energy. I am not sure how air conditioners work yet, but part of it is by removing the excess energy / hot air from the room through the vent to outside. I am sure that they do not simply suck the air from the room and blow that air through the vent to outside, but that is part how air conditioners work.
Heat is caused by excessive energy. How can we capture this excessive energy to do useful work such as converting it to electricity and storing it in a battery so that it can be later re-used?
Close all the windows. Turn off all the lights.
Why are air conditioners so big? Can we condense it so that I can put it on my desk (even though I may have to vent the air through a window or vent the air to another room)? I've seen an air conditioner that look like a desktop computer. Which web site did I see this on? See if I can make a mini air conditioning system. The outside of the air conditioner can be wood, or it can be metal which can absorb heat from the air.
Heat is a form of energy. Air conditioning works by removing heat (energy) from unwanted location and route it to another place where it is unobjectionable. This is why we need a vent. Some vent-less air conditioning system aren't really vent-less. They have hoses that are either run through the wall or has to be routed elsewhere such as a bath-tub or the attic. Is it possible to have a truly vent-less portable personal small-room air conditioner power by solar panel and controlled by thermostat? Can I make a small portable air conditioner that are powered by solar panel for my car that can keep my car cool when my car is parked in the sun? Can we put some sort of see-through plastic-like material on my car glasses and have this plastic change color and reflect sunlight via a small electric current from a solar panel or battery? The point is to make something that prevent my car from being damaged by sunlight and heat.
How can I convert my stationary bike into a device that charge batteries or power the house during electric outage?

How to find an register open free land in America?

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