What questions do I have for PRN?

I think I know why you want to talk to me. I think it is partly because of my skills, and it is also because I seem to be stable. I stay in one place, and do not jump around a lot. I am excited at the possibility of working at PRN because I can see that your products make a differences for brand, retailers, and consumers. You also collect, and analyze a lot of data, which happens to be the direction that I want to grow my career.

  1. What benefits do you offer for this position? Do you offer ESOP? Do you have a profit-sharing plan?
  2. What is the next step?

What does PRN abbreviate for?

Premier Retail Networks.

When was PRN established?


What information do I know about PRN?

Parent organization: Stratacache, Inc. Subsidiaries: Cerejaprn, indoorDIRECT, Inc., RehabAuthority. PRN has about 106 employees, with about 7 years tenure on average. PRN is also known as IZ-ON Media (pronounced "Eyes on Media"). It programs, broadcasts and sells advertising on video screens, health kiosks and television displays inside retail locations.

IZ-ON Media programs and operates three different retail media networks; the HDTV Network, the Health and Wellness Network and the Checkout TV® Network. Each Digital Place-based Media Network plays a looping video program that combines entertainment content, retailer programming and advertising.

The Checkout TV® Network plays on screens located over the checkout stands in Walmart stores.[2] Intended for viewing by customers in line for checkout, the network plays short-form programming and commercials. Ads are typically for items that are available at or near the checkout area or may be purchased on a return trip.

The HDTV Network can be seen in wholesale clubs, such as Costco. The programming is displayed on the HDTV televisions that are on display for sale, often in front of the store. In retail stores, such as Target, the televisions are located in the electronics department. Shoppers browsing these televisions see HD content from media partners, like VH1, as well as paid commercial spots that advertise products sold inside the store or club. The HDTV Network inside BJ's Wholesale Club stores include BJ’s Radio, which plays music, announcements, and advertising in-club.

The Health and Wellness Network began in April 2013 when IZ-ON Media became the ad sales representative for the Stayhealthy network.[5] Stayhealthy was a national network of connected health kiosks (located near the pharmacy department) in grocery and drug stores. Customers can track their blood pressure, weight and body fat as well as conduct vision tests. Advertising is sold for and displayed on a larger "attract screen" that faces the store as well as on the personal screen while a person waits for his/her test results. IZ-ON Media’s Health and Wellness Network tripled in size when Stayhealthy merged with higi, another national health kiosk chain, in August 2014. The combined higi network can be found in grocery and drug store chains such as Kroger, Albertsons, Publix, Ahold and Rite Aid

Started in 1992, first previewing music, and then designing, building, and operating scalable in-store digital networks with proven wins for consumers, retailers, and brands.

Now, as clicks, taps, and “Likes” are transforming brick and mortar retail, we are augmenting our end-to-end offerings to include integrated social and mobile campaigns, real-time hyperlocal messaging, omnichannel strategies, interactive touchscreens, and data-driven shopper technologies. We’re delivering an in-store customer experience that supports the way people expect to shop TODAY. We call it the Store of the NOW.


Integrity in everything
Work together
Respect ourselves and each other
Be accountable
Be nimble
Explore the possibilities
Sr. Java Engineer

Required Skill Set:

    Very strong in Core Java and J2EE concepts (Spring)
    Good hands on experience on AWS (EC2, RDS, S3, VPC, Cloudwatch, Route53)
    Expertise in MYSQL / Oracle DB, with basic DBA knowledge
    Good experience on WebServices (Both REST and SOAP)
    Good knowledge on any NoSQL database
    Advanced experience in Linux shell scripting and server administration experience

Good to Have:

    Data warehouse solutions e.g. Netezza
    POS Integration knowledge
    Java Swing
    CI / CD experience (Jenkins, Gradle, Maven)


    Troubleshooting complex technical issues working with Support teams involving reading and understanding code
    Identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks
    Complex system integrations both internal and external
    Devising scalable and high quality backend services
    Taking complete ownership of multiple modules
    Ability to plan and execute quick term migration solutions

Required Education and Experience:

    BS or MS in Computer Science
    5+ years of work experience

Location: San Jose, CA
Job Type: Full-time
Required education: Bachelor’s degree
Required experience:

    Java: 5 years
    EC2, RDS , S3, VPC, Cloudwatch, Route53: 3 years
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