Personal Improvement - Happiness is all in the mind - Learn this and you will never be the same - What make you special - 7 habits of highly effective people - Stop searching for passion - Learning to be awesome at anything you do, including being a leader - done watching

1. Knowing yourself
  Am I doing the best that I possibly can from someone else's perspective?
  How can I do better?
  1. Talk to someone
  2. Bring in a business coach
2. Pick one most important thing to work on first
  1. Learn to control our anger / emotion
  2. Learn to control our words
3. Daily practice

No one will invest in you but you.

To live a life with passion and purpose, don't follow your passion. 
Your passion follow you.  Just get out there, and do whatever that 
come to your mind, whatever that you want to do, whatever you 
think might be important to you or someone.  Just live life and 
enjoy every moment of it.  The purpose of life is to live it, experience 
it, and enjoy it.
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