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// Personal Development - Habits:

1. Have a Morning ritual
2. Track daily habits (this tracking thing is a habit)
3. Use affirmation
4. Reading for 30 minutes
5. Listen to motivational speech for 30 minutes
6. Intellectualize what I read or learned, and turn that into habits.

Think of how we can take the information the we read out of our brain, and turn
it into habits, and actually doing it.  That is how we can make it happen.

// If you want to understand something well, try to explain it.

// Personal Development - The 20-20-20 daily routine: 

1. 20 minutes of exercise

2. 20 minutes of reviewing our goals / affirmation

3. 20 minutes of reading / inspirations (furthering our knowledge).

iphone app: 8 track (for motivation / inspiration)

// Personal Development - 5 Steps to Learn CRAZY Fast & Make Habits:

1. Read for the high-level idea, not every words.
   Skim over it, and then re-read parts of it if necessary.
2. Visually map out big ideas
   a. sticky note ideas
   b. mindset habits
   c. core daily habits
3. Reduce the information to a vital few habits
4. Iterate and improve

// Write a quitter book:
Write a book containing all the reason to quit a particular goal, and write all 
the counter-points.

Physiology -> Raw Emotion -> Feeling -> Thinking -> Behavior.

Physiology: stream of data.

How you think affect your behavior.  How you feel affect how you think.

We have to change the raw emotion, in order to change how we feel, how we 
think, and to change our behavior.

There is a benefit to complete shutdown.  If your enemy think that you are dead,
they think that you are no longer a danger to them.

To take control of your phisiology, take control of your breath.

Think about how you think, and what you think.  We have to change
the context.

Empty your mind and let your vision do the work.  Doing this perfectly will slow 
time so you can anticipate instead of reacting!  What you eat affects how you 

// Motivational:

From now on, you need never await temporal attestation to your thought.  You 
think the truth.  You do not have the right to eliminate yourself.  You do not
belong to you...  You belong to universe.  Your significance will remain forever 
obscure to you, but you may assume that you are fulfilling your role if you 
apply yourself to converting your experiences to the highest advantage of others.

Sometimes, lack of motivation shows you that something need changing.

// Stop comparing yourself with your friends:
You do not know what is going on behind the scene.  If they are successful, be happy
for them.  You are not where you want to be because you haven't work hard enough.
It just means that you have more work to do, and have to be willing to do that work.
If someone just give you what you want, you would not appreaciate it as much.  You
would not derive as much gratification from it as though you have accomplish it 

// 7 Ways to Make a Conversation With Anyone - Malavika Varadan:

1.  The first word flood gates: Strangers, they are everywhere.  Every stranger
   comes with an opportunity, an opportunity to learn something new.  If we want 
   to talk to someone, just say whatever on your mind.  The first word acts as 
   the flood gate.  Just gather the enthusiasm, a big smile, and say hi.

2. Skip the small talks.  Just ask.  Where are you from?  Where does your family 

3. Find the me-too's.  Find something common.  

4. Pay a unique compliment.  People will never forget how you make them feel.

5. Ask for an opinion on something simple.

6. Be in the presence.  Make eye contact.

7. Name, place, anilmal, thing: Remember the person's name, and say it back to
   them.  Remember their favorite places, animals, and things, etc.

How can we practice selling?

If your goal is to simply make money, you need to get good at selling things. Sales is the easiest way to control your financial destiny. However, I don't mean you need to become a salesman for your day job. What I mean is you need to practice the act of selling things to people. Use Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, Amazon, Google Ads, whatever it doesn't matter. There are 100 different ways to get practice selling things.

But, you have to get practice in selling things because at some point, all money making comes down to selling something to someone else at some profit. Even stock trading. You must get familiar with the idea of arbitrage or what I think of as "playing the spread". There exist millions of opportunities where you can simply purchase something in one market, and sell it in another market for a profit.

Here is a simple example. You can go to Goodwill or thrift stores and find used clothes that might still have the tags on it. Or, you can find cheap items on clearance at many, many stores. Then you take those items and sell them on a different market. Some flip items on eBay or Amazon or Craigslist and can make as six figures simply doing that.

I've heard of people buying cheap firesale deals on gadgets, then turning around and selling them on Craigslist. They make money on the information imbalance between a global and local marketplace. Some people buy broken down cars, fix them up, and sell them for a tidy little profit. Some find used books and sell them on Amazon. Some find affiliate offers and buy cheap traffic on Facebook to promote them. Some buy undervalued stocks and sell them days/weeks/months later and sell them at a profit.

The point is, you have to get in on the transactions. You have to hustle. Once you gain skill in buying and selling things at a profit, you'll over time notice more and better opportunities. You'll even realize that some very successful retail operations like Gamestop are operating on this principle at scale.

All retail works on a notion of arbitrage. Buy wholesale in bulk, break the bulk and sell at a profit in your store. If you do this long enough, eventually you'll gravitate to a market that suits you best. A group of suppliers and customers you like buying from and selling to. Selling things at a profit is a valuable skill, one of the most valuable skills in the world actually. If you develop the skill, it doesn't matter if it is one year, five years, or ten years. You'll get to where you want to be.

Drop ship some e-commerce products. With drop shipping, your supplier ships and stores the product for you. You don't even pay for it until you make a sale (and collect payment from your customer. I normally recommend that people use free traffic to generate sales, just by producing valuable content around the web. But most drop shipped products don't even need that, a simple facebook ad campaign can turn one product sales page into a money printing machine. A machine you put quarters into and get dollars back.

Well, if your gross margin (sales price minus product cost) is $70, and your facebook ads cost $.50 per click, you could sell your product to just one in ten visitors and take home $65 every single sale. $70 gross margin minus $5 in advertising equals $65. Sales volume would only be limited by your advertising budget.

Where are you going to find a product with a $70 margin? Sounds hard, but it just takes some time and research. The other day I spent an hour or two browsing around Etsy, evaluating some opportunities. I will reveal one of those opportunities below: a beautiful clock I found someone drop shipping with a sale price of $65, at a cost of $10/unit to him. He is making a KILLING.

I've mentioned in previous answers many different places you can source product: Etsy, Alibaba, AliExpress, as well as more obscure, niche wholesalers. Etsy is a particularly great place to start for a few reasons…

  1. High concentration of well-designed, unique, white-label products. We aren't looking to sell well-known, branded items. Competition is too intense, and margins are too low. Plus, Etsy products are easy on the eyes, and that is a huge factor when it comes to the value your customers perceives in the product.
  2. People come to Etsy for low prices. This drives prices down for us when we are looking to source product to sell in more profitable channels.
  3. Many Etsy sellers aren't very business savvy. Consequently, it's common to find product being sold for much lower prices than they could be selling for if they were marketed better. That's where you come in.

When browsing through Etsy, your main objective should be to identify products where there is a wide discrepancy between what you would pay to source the product, and the value your customer will perceive in the product. This is true for any product sourcing platform, not just Etsy. You will heighten customer's perceived value with a brand of your own, great pictures/design, and better distribution channels (Etsy is a marketplace where price is a huge factor for customers, whereas it won't be as important to customers elsewhere).

Anytime you see a product and think it is priced too low, that's a great sign. Of course, there is no set profit margin for Etsy sellers. Some will markup 10%, others 300%. But chances are, if you think a particular seller is marking up less, they will be more likely to give you a better price and appreciate you helping them sell more product. Other Etsy sellers, like the one selling the clock I mentioned above, are drop shipping product from places like Alibaba.

It's not a great idea to drop ship product on someone else's platform like Etsy, Amazon, eBay. You can make money, but not nearly as much as if you build your own infrastructure, build a brand around the product, and forgo the fees. Etsy's audience is limited. Plus, you can't retarget visitors with ads to remind them to come back. A sale takes 5 exposures to the product on average, so you don't want to be counting on selling to impulsive buyers only. People who only see the product once.

When you see a seller drop shipping on Etsy and doing well, like the clock seller, it is a great sign you will succeed independently of Etsy. Be sure to pay attention to product reviews and favorites. This clock's 4,380 product favorites and 2,509 five-star reviews are a great sign that it will sell like wildfire. Reviews and favorites serve as indicators that your customers will be happy with the item they receive, and that the item itself is desirable.

You could build an independent sales page for it in just an hour, using this step-by-step video tutorial I made. You don't need any experience whatsoever. It is CAKE.

For the ads that converted, I would ramp the budget up and run them continuously. Facebook ads might cost you $.50 per click, maybe a dollar, depending on the audience. I would put the price of the clock in the ad so it wouldn't scare any buyers off. If each click costs me just $.50, I need to convert 1 out of every 139 visitors in to buyers to be profitable.

These are products NOT being drop shipped by the seller. But, you could easily just ask the seller to drop ship them for you. See this conversation I had for example… See

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