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HTTP Pipeling

Compressing web pages:

Cause of Performance Degradation:

  • Latency:
    • Network distance
    • Network reliability
    • Data size
    • Operation granularity
    • Resource contention
    • JVM GC


Premature optimization is the root of all evil.

Gather statistics. Know where the problem is, before you can diagnose. Various tools such as nagios (network monitoring), top, ps, free, and strace give you relevant information on each machine. If both the web servers and the backend database server are busy, then you should look into optimizing the backend database (use MySQL query cache, use memcache, add indexes, add more memory, etc).

Benchmark, benchmark, benchmark.

Read "Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture" by Martin Fowler (page 6 - 9)

A significant change in configuration may invalidate any facts about performance. If you upgrade to a new version of your virtual machine, hardware, database, or almost anything else, you must redo your performance optimization and make sure they're still helping. In many cases, a new configuration can change things. Indeed, you may find that an optimization you did in the past to improve performance actually hurts performance in the new environment.

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