Notepad++ - Shortcuts


CTRL+End Go to the end of the file
CTRL+Home Go to the beginning of the file
CTRL+SHIFT+F Find in files
CTRL+u Convert to lower case
CTRL+SHIFT+U Convert to upper case
CTRL+B Go to matching brace
CTRL+G Go to line number
CTRL+F Launch Find Dialog
CTRL+H Launch Find / Replace Dialog
CTRL+SHIFT+I Incremental search
CTRL+F2 Toggle bookmark
F2 Go to next bookmark
SHIFT+F2 Go to previous bookmark
CTRL+I Split lines
CTRL+J Join lines
CTRL+Tab Switch between tabs

To see a list of currently defined shortcuts, go to Setting -> Shortcut Mapper

How can we assign shortcut for a feature that currently does not have a shortcut?

Go to Setting -> Shortcut Mapper

How can we turn off the "reload" alerts?

In NotePad++, I generally run with a few files open. These are log files that are continually updating. I get annoyed when NotePad++ resumes focus and I get a stack of Reload popups informing me that some of my open files have been updated 'by another program,' and would I like to reload them. I would like to turn this alert off and manually reload the files when it is convenient. Is there a way to do this?

If you want to reload manually, go to Settings \ Preferences, then the MISC tab and uncheck Enable under File Status Auto-detection. If you want it to update automatically without the prompt then check that box and also check Update silently.

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