How can we install ngrok?

  1. Go to and download the appropriate zip file
  2. Unzip the zip file. ngrok is just a single binary. There is no installer. Whenever we need to use ngrok, just go to the folder where we unzip the zip file and run the binary.

How can we use ngrok?

ngrok http 80

The above command create a tunnel to your localhost on port 80. It will generate an ngrok URL and forward it to your local port 80.

Benefits of using ngrok:

Demo without deploying. Don’t constantly redeploy your in-progress work to get feedback from clients. ngrok creates a secure public URL ( to a local webserver on your machine. Iterate quickly with immediate feedback without interrupting flow.

Simplify mobile device: Test mobile apps against a development backend running on your machine. Point ngrok at your local dev server and then configure your app to use the ngrok URL. It won't change, even when you change networks.

Build Webhook integration with ease: Building webhook integrations can be a pain: it requires a public address and a lot of set up to trigger hooks. Save yourself time and frustration with ngrok. Inspect the HTTP traffic flowing over your tunnel. Then, replay webhook requests with one click to iterate quickly while staying in context.

Run personal cloud services from your own private network: Own your data. Host personal cloud services on your own private network. Run webmail, file syncing, and more securely on your hardware with full end-to-end encryption.

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