MySQL - Normalization


What are different level of normalization?

First Normal Form (1NF): The most basic level of data normalization, first normal form requires the elimination of all duplicates column in a table, and also requires the creation of separate tables for related data, and identification of each table with a primary key attribute.

Second Normal Form (2NF): Meets all the requirements of the first normal form, and creates relationships between tables using foreign keys.

Third Normal Form (3NF): Meets all the requirements of the second and first normal forms, and remove all columns that are not dependent upon the primary key. Third normal form also removes all derived attributes.

Fourth Normal Form (4NF): Fourth normal form adds one additional requirement, which is the removal of any multi-valued dependencies in relationships

Fifth Normal Form (5NF): Fifth normal form is a rarer form of normalization, in which case join dependencies are implied by candidate keys (possibly primary key values)

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