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How can we run some code at the time the report is saved?

See MSTR KB36011, and KB20395:

package com.microstrategy.eventhandler;
import com.microstrategy.web.beans.AggregatedEventHandler;
import com.microstrategy.web.beans.RequestKeys;
import com.microstrategy.web.beans.WebEvent;
import com.microstrategy.web.beans.WebException;
public class ReportName extends AggregatedEventHandler { 

    public ReportName() {
    public boolean processRequest(RequestKeys keys) throws WebException {
        WebEvent event = getWebEvent(keys);
        if(event == null) {
            return super.handleDefaultRequest(keys);

        System.out.println("Event: " + event.getID());
        switch(event.getID()) {
            case 26003 :

                return super.handleDefaultRequest(keys);
            default :
                return super.handleDefaultRequest(keys);


To obtain the report object:

rb = (ReportBean) getWebComponent();

To get the ID of the report:


If we do not know if the report that is being saved is a report or a document, we might want to used:

WebObjectInfo obj = (WebObjectInfo) getWebComponent();

To determine the folder that the report is being saved to, we may want to use the getParent method of the ReportBean object or the WebObjectInfo object.

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