MicroStrategy - Report Design


What are the difference type of footer?

  • Detail: A detail footer is associated with a particular grid. A report can contain multiple grid, and each grid can have its own footer.
  • Document: A document can contain multiple pages. A document footer is displayed at the end of the document, and not at the end of each page.
  • Page: A page footer is displayed at the end of each page.

How can we enable various display mode in the report definition?

  1. Launch Desktop
  2. Connect to appropriate project source
  3. Double click on appropriate project name to expand it
  4. Expand the Reports folder and locate the desired report
  5. Right click on the report and select Edit.
  6. From the top menu, select Format -> Document Properties
  7. Check appropriate check boxes.

What section are visible in the design mode if you use the Empty Document template?

If you use the Empty Document template, by default, it expands 3 sections:

  1. Detail Header
  2. Detail
  3. Detail Footer

All other sections are collapsed, but you can expand them when you need to work on them.

How can we expand or collapse a section as we work in the design mode?

In design mode, you can collapse a section by clicking the minus sign next to it. This conserve space while you are editing the document. For example, if you are working in the Detail section, you can collapse all the other sections to maximize the amount of space in the Layout area for the Detail section. You can expand a section later, by clicking the plus sign next to it, if you want to edit the section.

Collapsing and expanding a section does not change whether it is hidden or displayed in the finished document.

Is it possible to import attributes?

We have close to 2 thousand attributes. Over the past years, so far, we've only been able to create about 3 hundred attribute. I have heard that it may be possible to import these attributes (perhaps using Command Manager) rather than using Desktop to manually create these attributes one at a time. Is this possible? Do you have a technical note for how to do this?

If these attributes exist in a MicroStrategy metadata, you could use Object Manager to move them from one environment to another. If, instead, these attributes don't exist in a MicroStrategy environment but may be defined elsewhere, you may be able to use the Command Manager Attribute script to create attributes.

How to position the graph above the grid in Grid Graph View?

Go to Data -> Report Data Options -> Display -> Grid Graph Mode

How to change the background color for the header?

  1. Go to Format -> Rows -> Headers
  2. Go to Format -> Columns -> Headers
  3. Go to Format -> Columns -> Values

How to disable custom banding?

Grid -> Options -> General -> No banding

How to hide a metric / attribute column?

  1. Data -> Report Data Options -> Display -> Alias (Give a single space opposite to whichever object you want to hide)
  2. Move the Metrics column to the very first column. Make sure that Grid -> View Columns Handles is checked. Drag the handle to resize the first column.

How to change the graph layout option from "Automatic layout" to "Manual layout"?

Graph -> Preferences -> Options -> Layout

How to display hidden objects (while logged in as administrator so that I can move things around)?

Click on Tool -> Desktop Preferences -> Desktop -> Browsing -> Display hidden objects (bottom right)

How can we make the report auto-fit to the window?

  1. Log into MSTR Web as administrator
  2. Navigate to the folder that contains the report
  3. Click on the report to run the report
  4. Switch to interactive mode
  5. Right click on any column header, and select "Resize columns and rows"
  6. Select "Autofit to window"
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