MicroStrategy - User Management


Is there an easy way to consistently copy privileges from one group, and apply those privileges to another group of users?

Yes there is a way to do this. Create a Security Role. For information on Security Filters, refer to the Systems Administration guide. Within a Security Role, you specify which ACLs and privileges to grant. Then, you can assign this newly created Security Role to multiple groups (and/or individual users).

Or just make sure that the Everyone group has appropriate privileges (if this is applicable / appropriate for your environment)

How can I track down the group that a particular user is inheriting a particular privileges from?

There is a hard way and there is an easier way. The hard / tedious way:

  1. Right click on the user and select Edit
  2. Click on Groups
  3. Drill down on all the groups to determine the groups that this user belong to.
  4. Note down the list of groups that this user belong to
  5. Close the current window, and back to the main window, examine the privilege for each group

The easier way is to use Command Manager and execute the following command:

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