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How can we apply custom logic during page execution?

Page-specific custom logic can be applied both before and after data is retrieved from MicroStrategy Intelligence Server. The means to apply such logic is provided by add-ons, which are simply Java classes that serve as containers for custom code. After the events in the request have been processed but before data is collected, the application applies all add-ons designed to modify data collection logic. After data is collected but before the WebBean data is rendered, the application applies post-collection custom logic.

How can we edit a page?

The page editor contains 5 tabs at the bottom:

  1. Basic Properties
  2. Template Properties
  3. Bean Properties
  4. Add-on Properties
  5. Events and JavaScript

Using the Basic Properties tab, we can change:

  1. the name of the page
  2. the description of the page
  3. whether the user must have already authenticated in order to see this page and a list of web features that are required in order to access this page
  4. a few other options

Using the Template Properties tab, we can:

  1. add template to handle corresponding user action / status. When we click on the Add Template button, it will ask us to select the corresponding status. The available statuses are: Cancelled, Error, Not Initialized, Finished, and Waiting for User. When we add a new template, it will add one tab below the Add Template button. We can click on each tab to make change to it. For each template, we can change the template file, or change the appropriate sections. We can also add new display components, edit or delete existing display components. We can also edit shortcuts. The Edit Shortcuts section is separate from the Display Components ("shortcuts" is a different concept from "display components") but this is not quite obvious. Perhaps, MSTR should have a label for the "Shortcuts" section.
  2. delete a template

Using the Bean Properties tab, we can examine, add, edit, or delete various bean properties, event handlers, request properties, and styles.

Using the Add-on Properties tab, we can register, edit, or remove add-ons, or change various add-on properties.

Using the Events and JavaScript tab, we can examine, add, edit, or delete events and JavaScript code.

How can we add a new custom page?

  1. Switch to the Web Customization Editor perspective
  2. Switch to the Application Settings view
  3. Expand MicroStrategy Web Configuration
  4. Right click on Page
  5. Select New Empty Page or New Page and follow on-screen instruction
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