MicroStrategy - Lesson Learned


Why does MicroStrategy Desktop not display the list of projects?

This may be because of the fact that the license key that is installed on the machine that you are running MicroStrategy Desktop does not have the MicroStrategy Architect feature.

Why am I not able to audit license?

We installed MicroStrategy Desktop in our development environment and use it to connect to other environments. This works fine provided that we use IP address when we create the project source. However, when we use the License Manager from development environment to audit the licenses on other environments, we face the error "not able to resolve name", which make sense because our development environment is in a different network from our production environment.

Due to the above issue, we normally run the License Manager on the same box as the Intelligence Server. On some machine, the License Manager works fine. On other machine, the option to audit the Intelligence Server was gray out. This happens because the License Manager operate on a project source, and no project source was created on this server. To be able to audit license, we must first create the project source. We can create the project source by using:

  • MicroStrategy Project Source Manager: Start menu -> MicroStrategy -> Tools -> Project Source Manager
  • MicroStrategy Desktop: Start menu -> MicroStrategy -> Desktop -> Desktop, and then Tools -> Project Source Manager

If you see a bunch of 'table or view does not exist' in the DSSERROR log file, but MSTR seems to be functional, what does this mean?

If you see this problem, chances are that these tables are for logging statistics. MicroStrategy recommends that we use Single Instance Session Logging but that requires that we setup logging for at least one project, and when this project is either renamed or deleted, or if someone had reconfigured the Intelligence server to not use Single Instance Session Logging, then we may see this problem. To fix this problem, we have to reconfigure statistic logging. See the MicroStrategy Installation page (particularly the "Configuring Intelligence Server to log statistics" section). When we setup MicroStrategy the very first time, we probably should setup a dummy project just for the purpose of logging statistics. This dummy project should just be there for the purpose of logging statistics. We don't do anything with this dummy project (no renaming, no modification, no deleting, etc).

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