MicroStrategy - Integrity Manager


What is MicroStrategy Integrity Manager?

MicroStrategy Integrity Manager is an automated report comparison tool. Report SQL, report data, and graphs can be executed and compared in Integrity Manager to help customers verify change success. In addition, the report comparison output can be analyzed at the report level in MicroStrategy Integrity Manager, and as HTML and XML summary files that are generated to provide easily distributed results to other users.

How can we use Integrity Manager to automate performance testing?

You can use Integrity Manager to automate your performance testing. Integrity Manager can record how long it takes to execute a given report or document. It can also execute the reports or documents multiple times in the same test and record the time for each execution cycle, to get a better idea of the average Intelligence Server performance time.

A single instance of Integrity Manager can execute a performance test that duplicates the effect of a single user running multiple reports. This is suitable for load testing. If you are performing stress testing or capacity testing, you may need to distribute the load among multiple user sessions. To do this, you must run several instances of Integrity Manager, each executing a performance test.

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